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Blaine McGaffigan

Hi, I'm a marketing leader looking for a next great opportunity. Let’s make cool sh*t.

About Me

I’m a marketer, writer, podcaster, dad, and comic book nerd.My experience is building strategies and creating content for growing B2B companies. I'm a mission and vision focused marketer who works with sales and leadership to drive company growth.Philosophy: Move fast. Stay healthy. Write every day. Embody optimism. Build cool sh*t.



I watch a new movie every week. My Letterboxd account is where you can read my reviews.


I host a monthly graphic novel and comic book club. Our mission is to expose more people to the medium.


Always learning and growing. I'm on a sci-fi kick right now, but I also read plenty of nonfiction too.

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You need marketing help. I'm available to work with you to grow your business.What I do:

  • Brand strategy

  • Content marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Websites

  • Podcasting

  • Email Marketing

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