I am a Digital Marketer living in Dallas, TX. My core skills are content marketing, SEO, branding, and copywriting. 

While traveling in Southeast Asia in 2012 (*see motorbike photo above), I met expat folks working abroad on their computers. These vagabonding peeps were marketers, designers, project managers, and copywriters. And they were getting paid while they travelled! 

I found my path, and so I dove head first into Digital Marketing with a ravenous appetite. As an English Major, copywriting was the clear route into the digital field. My journey included internships, self-study, and a position managing web content for 150+ websites. 

Currently, I am the Marketing Specialist at YourCause, a software company that enables corporations to easily manage their employee donations, volunteering, sustainability efforts, and grants.

I am passionate about creativity and growth in business. I apply a strategic mindset to every problem I face, and I revel in learning new skills. 


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